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Saturday Market August 29th

Whats happening at the market this week?

Welcome new vendor: MOI Labs – green technology cleaning products

UTExtension will have food samples and give aways, don’t forget to pick up the latest recipe card

Perry Phillips – flowers, butterfly bushes, knockout rose bushes.

Local food is fresh food. If you’re buying at a Farmers Market, the produce has often been picked that morning.

Whites Mountain Meadow Farm – watermelons, eggplant, green peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes and some special canned items, okra, beans, raspberry jam, watermelon citrus spread
Salamander Spring – fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms, dried garlic, kale, collards
Rogue Harbor – summer leeks, watercress, heirloom tomatoes, lettuces- butterhead, mini roamines, kale
Dominick’s Garden – tomatoes, tomatillos, okra, leeks, sweet and hot peppers, basil and mint
Sunset View – corn
Buffalo Trail – apples and peaches
Ranchito la Chiva – squash, beans, onions
Millwood Greenery – microgreens
McIntosh Woods – lima beans and more
McQueen Farm – corn and more
Bill Johnson – cushaw squash
Serenity Knoll – lettuces and more

Sentelle’s Homemade Sausage – pork products
Kany/Perservation Farm – chicken products
Clover Creek Farm – lamb products & eggs
Hawk Nest Farm – beef products
Ziegenwald Dairy – goat cheese
Rosey Apiaries – honey
Dotson Farm – eggs

Farmhouse Gallery – wood fired breads, granola bars, muffins
Dona Eva – tamales, salsa

Tim Roberts Pottery – pottery
Rusty Barn Star – quilted kitchen/home items
Sticky Paws – homemade pet treats

Unaka String Ticklers

Featured Farmer
Dona Eva – Evangelina Becerra, and family
Famous for her delicious tamales, salsa and guacamole
Vendor at market since 2013

See you on the street,