Golden Roots Farm


Dig Roots

We are Golden Roots Farm. My wife, Kayla Carter, and I grew up right here in East Tennessee. I now teach biology at the high school I graduated from in Greene County. After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail together in 2014, we realized the beauty and bounty of our own Appalachian home in Northeast TN.

We searched and waited, and finally bought our dream homestead in Johnson City, TN in 2019. We call it Golden Roots Farm after the blanket of Goldenrod that graced the hillside when we first arrived. In September 2020 we got married on the land we now call our farm. It’s been a lot of work. There is still much work to do, and we are excited for the journey!



Stay Golden

The sole purpose of Golden Roots Farm is to provide Noah and Kayla the canvas to build a healthy life together. Healthy means many things on the farm. It can mean the food that the land provides or building the health of the soil itself. Healthy can mean enriching the relationships between partners, family, friends, and community. Healthy can refer to the state of mind the earth can bring to us, nurturing, humbling.


At Golden Roots Farm we….

  • try to minimize our environmental impact

    • no chemical sprays – hand picking pests
    • cover cropping
    • rotational crop plan
    • organic fertilizers
    • building materials for farm structures locally sourced Barn Raising blog post
  • strive for biodiversity

    • pollinator crops
    • diversity in vegetable and fruit crops/varieties
    • wildlife habitat
  • aim to grow soil, not crops

    • composting
    • cover cropping
    • low-till/no-till
    • minimize erosion
  • want to provide healthy food for our friends, family, and community

    • organic
    • freshly pick
    • tasty, healthy varieties
    • lower food miles
    • reduce wasted food


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! We appreciate you and this community.

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