Sheek Treats


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I have been licensed and making healthy home made treats for pets since 2011. Our healthy homemade treats are locally made with whole wheat flour, rice flour and organic oat flour. Peanut Butter, Chicken, Cranberry, Better Breath, Tartar Control, Beefy, Cheesy, Oat Flax, peaceful, dream weaver, blueberry and Pumpkin Treats right now. If you are interested in hemp or locally grown and processed CBD it can be added to any of our treats for cats or dogs safely. I have expanded and make substitutions to the basic content for dogs with allergies and for those needing treats that help with arthritis, skin conditions and gas issues. I have even developed treats for diabetic dogs. I use human quality ingredients. I buy organic and fresh when available and the best quality ingredients. I add no preservatives, additives or added flavorings. I bake the treats then dehydrate them to ensure quality and shelf life. The treats are available baked and undehydrated upon request. I can also make pupcakes, doggie birthday cakes, cat treats and horse treats upon request. I have both a business license and a feed facility license from the US Department of Agriculture. We also are working on all usda certified organic treats with a higher CBD content. We are taking orders by phone 423-542-6819, text or fb messages. Also our online store can be used to order, pay and arrange shipping or local delivery.
We also grow many of our ingredients with organic methods- no chemicals or pesticides. We offer local healthy garden raised produce durung the summer. Check with us for peas, beans, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and more!

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