Shy Valley Farm


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Environmentally conscious growers since 2001, Shy Valley Farm offers a delightful assortment of herbs, heirloom and gourmet vegetable starts, and nursery propagated native plants. Owned and operated by the Shivell Family: Philip, Christy, Creighton, Helen, and Rachael, we also provide handcrafted pottery, soaps, Christmas Wreaths, and cut flowers and floral designs for weddings and other events.

Our nursery focuses on wildlife friendly, low maintenance, and useful native plants, herbs, and heirloom tomatoes. We have a great assortment of plants for edible landscaping, pollinator gardens, and wildflower gardens. Our favorite plants look beautiful, smell amazing, taste great, and contribute to our health and the health of our environment in some significant way.

All of our plants are produced via eco friendly methods. We grow many of our plants from seeds or genetic material gleaned from regional populations, as part of our ongoing effort to preserve and promote the biodiversity of our local and regional flora and fauna. We do not use any synthetic chemical insecticides, fungicides, or other harmful chemicals in our nursery.

We have a great core of loyal and appreciative customers who come from all over to purchase our plants, and who we appreciate very much. You make all our hard work worthwhile! We have been growing and selling plants every year since 1995, when we were starting pepper and tomato starts under lights in our 200 plus year old cabin! Our nursery officially became a business in 2001, and with your support, we hope to be around for another few decades!

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