River Islands Farm

River Islands Farm evolved from my home garden located on the banks of the Watauga River. My husband Don and I own a few acres of beautifully rich “river bottom” land near Elizabethton, Tennessee; wonderful soil for cultivating almost anything. I started out with a small family garden that has grown to about a third of an acre garden. It is not a big garden but it produces a lot of vegetables. Over the years I have turned it into a no-till garden using only hand tools to cultivate the soil. Like most of the Jonesborough Farmers Market growers, I use organic farming practices and do my best to promote environmentally sustainable farming practices.

While I have grown mostly fingerling potatoes and a variety of sweet potatoes for the Jonesborough Farmers Market over the last 7 years, three years ago I decided to transition to asparagus so that I can dig less and focus on an early season crop for the market. This year I’m pleased to offer a variety of organically grown asparagus that include Purple Passion, Jersey Supreme and Jersey Knight. Occasionally I also offer a few other crops. Thank you for considering my produce.

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