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Boone Street Market & Storytelling

The stories are being told and I have one for you.

Boone Street Market will open its doors for the first time this weekend, with a fundraiser during the festival. We will be serving up some great home-made and locally-grown dishes all weekend, and invite all of you to drop by, have something to eat and check out our new store. We will be open Friday and Saturday 8am to 8pm, Sunday 8 to 4.

See our storytelling menu here. Dona Eva will also be in the store with her tamales, and Kathy Waldo/The Fig Lady and will have a variety of treats for sale! Plus market tshirts, bags and one-of-a-kind market aprons custom made by Sophie & Grace.

As usual, a devoted team of volunteers and market contributors are behind this! A special thanks to our Store Advisory Board volunteer Karen Tallman for giving us the inspiration to do it, and making it happen! You won’t want to miss her delicious soups, full of market ingredients!

See you in the store!