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Saturday 2/28-- Quiche day!

Enjoy the break from wintry weather with a trip to Boone Street Market!

Saturday, 10am-2pm, enjoy a slice of fresh all-local quiche from the Boone Street Market Kitchen! Saturday’s quiche is filled with cremini mushrooms and three cheeses: gouda, goat cheese, and feta.

And here’s a few of the other items you’ll find in the store tomorrow…while supplies last*:

  • Fresh greens (broccoli, lettuce mix, kale, cabbage, spinach)
  • Breads—fresh deliveries today—regular and gluten free options
  • Lots of goat cheeses, Ashe county cheeses and pimento cheese, too
  • Sunburst trout
  • Pot pies—small and large
  • Frozen Tamales from Dona Eva—chicken and pork. Easy to thaw and heat in microwave!
  • Seeds! Think spring and see the heirloom seeds our farmers have brough in!

See you at the farm store!
*If you’re looking for a specific item, please call us and make sure we have it…we’re happy to set it aside! 753-4722