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Pickling cucumbers

Rogue Harbor Farm has organically grown yellow squash AND organically grown Pickling cucumbers available in case amounts (1/2 bu., approximately 20 lbs) at $25/case. If you are interested in ordering for this Saturday’s market
(June 28), call them at 828-689-4586 or email at to place an order. Thanks

Jonesborough Saturday Market 6/21

Saturday morning at the market is the place to be.

Music provided by The Bluebirds.

Whats In? Lettuce, kale, onions, beets, radishes, turnips, squash, mushrooms and more. I hear that the berries may be ready, limited supply so get there early.

Reminder: Marching Farmers will meet at the Visitors Center from 2-4 for practice. Bring your hoe and rake.

Welcome two new produce vendors, Robert Baird and Matt Dobson.

See you on the street.


Yellow Squash for order

Rogue Harbor Farm has organically grown yellow squash available in case amounts (1/2 bu., approximately 20 lbs) at $25/case. If you are interested in ordering for this Saturday’s market, call Linda and Aubrey at 828.689.4586 or email them at to place an order.

Jonesborough Saturday Market 6/14

All predictions are for a sunny, warm summer morning at the market.

Music will be provided by the Blue Ridge Entertainers.

Earth Thyme will be with us, don’t forget to return your bottles for 50 cents off your purchase.

Also did you know you can order your coffee from East Tennessee Coffee each Saturday for pickup the following Saturday? Check it out.

Don’t forget to shop for your four legged family members at Sheek’s Pet Treats.

See you on the street.


Announcing Job opening: Manager for Boone Street Market

We are beginning our search for the right person to manage the start-up & ongoing operation of Boone Street Market!

Please share this message with anyone who might be interested and qualified for the big but rewarding job of managing the farmers market’s new all-week community store!

Applications requested by June 22nd, position to begin in August.

Click here (on the picture) to link to the job description and application:

Or go to

Jonesborough Saturday Market 6/7

Happy June, summer is officially on the schedule for Saturday. Don’t forget your hats and sunglasses.

Music will be provided by Well Worn Shoes.

A reminder: This year’s Farm to Table Dinner is August 23rd, and tickets go on sale at the market this Saturday starting at 8am. They are likely to sell out quickly, so come early. Cash/checks preferred but visa/mc also accepted. See our website for more details about the dinner.

See you on the street.


Jonesborough Saturday Market 5/31

No rain, just a warm sunny day for the market.

Music will be provided by Symphony Rags.

We have a few new vendors this week. Davey Crockett High School will have plants, White’s Mountain Meadow Farm will have produce and Earl Castol will have his coleuses.

The greens are coming in and the eggs are plentiful.

Come on down and have a cup of coffee, do some shopping and enjoy all the great folks at the market.

See you on the street.


Jonesborough Saturday Market 5/24

Oh boy, it is going to be a fantastic day for the Saturday market.

This week music will be the Blue Ridge Entertainers plus Roy Andrade.

All Nature Sings with Ginny Wall will have your favorite soaps.

Garlic scapes – first taste of garlic in the spring. Cut off the plant to encourage greater bulb growth, they can be used in stir-fries, soups or diced on baked potatoes or pizza. Paired with wild nettles they make a nice spring pesto. Rodney with Salamander Springs Farm will have these along with some Shiitake mushrooms. Yum, sounds delicious!

Dominick’s Garden has finally produced and he will be with us for the first time this season.

We still need more white plastic bags, if you would like to recycle your bags please drop off at the information booth.

See you on the street!


You're invited to a "before" open house!

Dear Market Friends:

Curious about the Boone Street Market store project?

On Friday you’re invited to come see the building pre-renovation!

Our “before” open house will be: 6-8pm, Friday May 23rd.

Starting at 6pm, the Town is hosting a reception to unveil the new artwork on the brick wall beside the Exxon. At that time, we will also announce our “groundbreaking,” our membership campaign, and have the building open with volunteers on hand to give tours and explain the plans. We will also have an info table set up during Music on the Square.

Join us if you can!

More store info here:

Questions? Contact Karen at

Spring Greens!

In case you missed this week’s Herald and Tribune….here are a couple of recipes featuring “heritage greens” that you should find at the market this month.

“Heritage greens” are those early wild or naturalized spring greens that settlers eagerly collected to add vitamins and minerals to their diet after a long winter of salted meat and corn mush.

Now these most basic, old-timey plants have been rediscovered—chickweed (try it in pesto), nettles (tea for allergies), watercress (piquant salad green), lamb’s quarters (sautee like spinach). They aren’t weeds! They have found a place on menus at gourmet restaurants, and our vendors are also bringing them to market. Try them to add variety to your spring salads.

Watercress is a leafy green that was brought to America from Europe, and is suggested to have been eaten in Roman times. A native of the Nasturtium, it has a peppery flavor and is full of healthy nutrients. It grows in clear, cold water—something which helped settlers locate fresh water sources, and it helped them prevent scurvy, too. Watercress is good in green salads and on sandwiches, or try this recipe for watercress soup.
*Note: it is important to know the water source of watercress, be sure it is a protected headwater free of bacterial contamination.

Watercress Soup
By market customer Mitzi Sobol
• 2 T. olive oil
• 1/2 Vidalia onion
• 2 shallots
• 3 small Yukon gold potatoes
• 1 clove garlic
• 8 oz. watercress
• 1 can coconut milk (14 oz)
• 1 ½ cups vegetable broth
• Salt and pepper

1. In a heavy soup pot, saute garlic, onion, and shallots in the olive oil until soft.
2. Cut potatoes in small cubes.
3. Add potatoes to sauté mixture. Saute potatoes about 5 minutes.
4. Add vegetable broth, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes or until potatoes are soft.
5. Add watercress and simmer for about 5 minutes, just to watercress is cooked. Overcooking the watercress will destroy the color.
6. In a blender in small batches, blend the cooked vegetables with the coconut milk.
7. Return to soup pot. Heat. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Lamb’s Quarters is a naturalized spinach relative, with even more nutritive value than spinach. Some say, sautéed in olive oil, it has even more taste than spinach. This recipe from Jonesborough Farmers Market founder farmer Heather Halsey:

Lamb’s Quarters Quiche
Enough for one deep-dish quiche
• Your favorite pie crust
• 8 oz sharp cheddar cheese (or similar), grated
• 4 cups packed fine-chopped lamb’s quarters, stems and leaves, raw
• 2 whole eggs
• 5 egg whites
• 1 cup skim milk
• 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
• Paprika to sprinkle on top

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees
• Sprinkle ¾ cup cheese in bottom of uncooked pie crust
• Pack lamb’s quarters on top, filling pie shell close to the top
• Whisk whole eggs, egg whites, skim milk and nutmeg together
• Pour egg mixture on top of lamb’s quarters, slowly
• Mixture should be visible but not as high as the greens
• Sprinkle rest of cheese on top
• Dust with paprika
• Bake 45 minutes or until golden brown and firm in center