Matheson Farms

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

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Fourth and fifth generation farmers on the old “Hilbert” farm outside of Jonesborough, Tn., Matheson Farms is a small family operation dedicated to providing healthy, fresh produce to our neighbors.

Jane Matheson and daughter Rachel Collette have always gardened, but with the addition of 17 more acres to the family land, we have decided to share our produce and fresh eggs by selling at the farmers market.

Produce includes: Roma flat beans, greasy beans, McCaslin beans, pink tip beans, Cherokee greasy beans, turkey crawl beans, summer squash (yellow straight and crookneck, zuchinni), cucumbers, buttercup squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, variety of heirloom tomatoes, spinach, blue kale, red, yellow, and sweet onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and herbs (Mexican taragon, spicy globe basil, Greeek basil, Greek Oregano, Greek Thyme, and Rosemary).

We also sell fresh brown eggs from our chickens, and we are in the process of adding meat goats to our farm family.

We do use limited organic pesticides only as needed, and fertilize when planting. We eat our own food, so it is important to us that we limit the use of pesticides and fertilizer as much as possible.

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