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Jonesborough Market Saturday 7/19

Farmers love the rain!

We will have a large variety of produce tomorrow so plan your weekly menu. Corn is hitting the market as well as beans, cucumbers, squash and more. McQueen Farm will have blackberries.

The Old Timers Band will be providing the music.

Don Burger, Dragonfly Cottage Pottery will have an interactive play with clay for adults and children along with his pottery for sale. Create something and Don will fire it for you.

Did you know that our market provides a special incentive for EBT (food stamp) customers? We provide up to a $10 match for to encourage spending their limited food budget on the healthiest food possible—from our market! If you’d like to contribute to this cause—loose change, dollars or checks—we have a collection jar at the info booth. Donations can be tax-deductible too. Read more here: EBT Match Campaign

See you on the street,