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Saturday Market Oct. 10th

Whats happening at the market this week?

Sunset View Farm will be hosting photo op. Bring the family, four legged included and create a nice autumn picture.

Storytelling Guild will be with us, stop by and learn about what they have to offer.

Did you participate in Dotson’s Farm Name the Coop? The winners are:
Coop 1: “Coop du Jour” – Curtis Buchanan
Coop 3: “Coop de Ville” – Robin Kinnard and Gibson Germaine
Coop 4: “Layers’ Lair” – Mary Brugh
Coop 5: “Alpha Hentari” – Rodney Webb
All winners pick up your eggs Saturday.

Perry Phillips – bushes and trees for fall planting

Local food is fresh food. If you’re buying at a Farmers Market, the produce has often been picked that morning.

Rogue Harbor – watercress, tomatoes, lettuces- Tennis Ball butter head, ice queen, Romaines, kale, green cabbage, baby pac choi, greens mix
Dominick’s Garden – produce variety
Sunset View – corn, bi-color and sweet, pumpkins
Buffalo Trail – apples, squash, pumpkins
Ranchito la Chiva – squash, onions, sweet potatoes
Serenity Knoll – lettuces, squash and more
River Island Taters – fingerlings
Salamander Spring – fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms, kale, collards, leeks
Millwood Greenery – microgreens
Rural Resources – produce variety

Sentelle’s Homemade Sausage – pork products
Kany/Perservation Farm – chicken products
Clover Creek Farm – lamb products & eggs
Hawk Nest Farm – beef products
Rosey Apiaries – honey
Dotson Farm – eggs, eggs, eggs
Only the Finest – alpaca fiber

Farmhouse Gallery – wood fired breads, granola bars, muffins
Dona Eva – tamales, salsa

Sophie & Grace
The Rusty Barn Star
Ann and Jeanne
Dragonfly Cottage Pottery and Potting for fun
Earth Thyme
Bluebird houses

This weeks menu:
Sausage biscuits with Sentelle’s homemade sausage
Egg & cheese biscuits
Parfaits – yogurt with apples, granola and caramel sauce

Symphony Rags

Featured Farmer
Serenity Knolls
Market vendor since 2015
A variety of produce that can be found at the market as well as Boone Street Market

See you on the street